Captivating Kynouria


Type of Sail: Mainsail

Age: 4 years old

Material: Polyester sailcloth

Lived in: Marina Alimos, Attica

Distance Travelled: About 2000 n.m

Places most visited: The Argosaronic gulf and the eastern Peloponnese

The north-eastern shores of the Peloponnese were never a tourist Mecca. Just as well, visitors and travelers often get to experience a less tourist friendly part of Greece. Mixed among towns that happily failed to become “fast-food” towns for cheap beer seekers, you will find the untouched and the exquisitely kept.

Canny sailors though can tell you about a few places that can change you life drawing you back as if you were its magnetic opposite. Astros, part of forgotten Kynouria, peppered with 19th century grand houses, or Fokianos, whose quiet bay can stop time during a full moon. This sail saw its fair share of moons over Fokianos. Follow its memory there.