Logo | Salty Bag

Conceived during a Corfu Sailing Club seminar in January 2013, Salty Bag was founded to design and create ultra-low impact, handcrafted, upcycled, hard wearing, circular-economy bags designed to last a lifetime and to be reused at their end-of-life.

To achieve this we combine Upcycling, an unflappable focus on the best and strongest materials, and incorporating reusability into every design we make.

Salty Bag creatively reuses decommissioned sails, kites and parachutes, giving them a new life and new value. Sailcloth by its nature is a strong hard wearing material. Even after reaching its end of life at sea, a sail will retain its strong, long-lasting, weather resistant nature making it perfect for being upcycled into tough, elegant travel bags and accessories that can be enjoyed and cherished for years.

Handcrafted elegance

Craftsmanship, premium materials and investing in the time needed to create something unique: These three elements are masterfully combined into making a unique product. That is the essence of handcrafting. That is the essence of a Salty Bag.

Reusability by design​

We design & make our bags to be reusable. You can return a Salty Bag to us for it to be reused and we will make sure it is repurposed into new Salty Bags. Whenever you return a Salty Bag to us for us to reuse you enjoy 30% off your next purchase from our website.