PEGGY works really hard
PEGGY, a Bavaria 50 Cruiser


Type of Sail: N/A

Age: 10 years old

Material: Polyester sailcloth

Lived in: Alimos Marina, Attica

Distance Travelled: 30000-35000nm (Cape Town to Hawaii is about 10000 nm)

Places most visited: Western Cyclades and the Argosaronic Gulf

The owners of S/Y PEGGY apparently really really really worked this sail. They can’t tell us much about where she travelled, she is a charter yacht so memories of coves and storms and starlight nights are with the hundreds of happy sailing holiday goers.

Mrs. Manto can speak of the love she has for her Peggy, how she cares for her every day, how she frets whenever she receives word of inclimate weather, how she breathes a sigh of relief every time she safely docks in port after a long sail in the Aegean.