Type of Sail: Mainsail (most of it), a Jib (partly)

Age: A 4 year old Mainsail and a 9 year old Jib

Material: Polyester sailcloth

Lived in: Mounihia harbor (aka Tourkolimano, aka Mikrolimano), Attica

Distance Travelled: About 1500 n.m (on average)

Places most visited: Phaleron bay, and the western Cycladic island of Kea and Kythnos

We usually make our bags from a unique piece of sail. This is not your bag. We made this bag from a dinghy jib a cruising mainsail. The pieces were lying around and we thought we should play around. The mainsail has known Kea and Kythnos, especially Kea’s huge natural harbor of Vourkari and it’s memorable Lobster pasta and the dinghy jib has seen almost as much of the bottom of Phaleron bay as its sky. It taught a lot of sailors to love the sea. We hope it reminds you of that love.