A Bavaria 41


Type of Sail: Mainsail

Age: 5 years old

Material: Dacron

Lived in: Alimos Marina, Athens

Distance Travelled: ?2500 nautical miles or a sail from the western edge of Cyprus via the Gibraltar straits to Gran Canaria on the Canary islands.

Places most visited: Santorini, Milos, Kea aka Tzia, Kythnos, Syros

Sail Number: N/A (only racing yachts get sail numbers)

As far as we could find out this well used mainsail knew Syros and Santorini most. Santorini provides iconic pictures of Greece. A church dome painted Aegean blue under a sea of white houses and below, the dark volcanic soil of Santorini with the Aegean as a background. But with the strong north winds of the summer months Syros, closer to Athens and with a hospitable port, was this mainsails favorite port of call.

Syros, the capital of the Cyclades, with its neoclassical mansions and opera house is always cooler during sweltering July and August days and has a number of spectacular white beaches hugging its coast. For half a decade this mainsail treated its users to Didymi and Strongilo, the islands that form the entrance to Syros main town and hide little known white sand beaches that, at night, hide the town lights and reveal a busy night sky seldom seen in Europe today. This sail took sailors to otherwise unreachable nooks in the Aegean and at the same time revealed a time before electricity hid the stars from us. We like where sails can take you.

Happy travels.