The Disco era built you

Type of Sail: Heavy Weather Spinnaker

Years in use: Over 40 years

Material: Ripstop Nylon sailcloth

Port: The Piraeus

Distance Travelled: “Many thousands of miles”

Places most visited: All of the Aegean most probably

Sail Number: n/a

When sailmakers move shop, sail reusers get deluged. In 2020 Kafentzidakis sailmakers of Piraeus in Greece moved shop and let loose a truckload and a half of sails upon Salty Bag. This beauty came in Yellow, Red, Green, Blue & sky blue with all the feel and colour of the Disco era in was built in. Oh that sails are seldom as colourful today! Enjoy the colour and remember to upcycle your Salty Bag back to us when its done!