Sea-grass might help save you

Type of Sail: Genoa

Years in use: 30 years at least

Material: Polyester sailcloth a.k.a Dacron

Port: Marina Gouvia

Distance Travelled: “Many thousands of miles”

Places most visited: All of the Ionian sea, and perhaps the Aegean as well.

Sail Number: n/a

From a huge sail locker from a firm that closed shop a decade ago comes this sturdy and warm dacron genoa. We know very little about this sail other than it was well used and travelled the Ionian a lot. This is from the Grand-Soleil 372 “Posidonia”. Naming your boat after the most popular sea-grass in the Med may seem weird, but it’s a quietly powerful plant. It can suck up to 15 times more carbon per square meter than a tree can. Think about that before you drop your anchor next time…