Type of Sail: Spinnaker

Years in use: 1990’s-2019

Material: Ripstop nylon sailcloth

Port: Piraeus & Corfu, Marina Gouvia

Distance Travelled: Over 1000 nm

Places most visited: The Aegean, The Saronic Gulf and Corfu

Sail Number: GRE-39

Starting in the mid-nineties the US sailing team “Rush” dominated offshore sailing in the US, in Florida and the Keys in Winter and on both coasts in the summer. When their Bruce Farr designed 39ft bullet got old they sold it to Greece. She was the first monohull to grace Greek waters that could go faster than the wind and blew out all her competition. This led to a decade long arms-race that saw tens of high-performance sailboats ripping along the Aegean.

Reminds us of: What the glam movement of the 70’s must have felt when they first heard the Sex Pistols.