Type of Sail: Spinnaker

Years in use: At least 30 years

Material: Rip-stop Nylon, Spinnaker sailcloth probably 1oz thickness

Lived in: Athens, in hundreds of Races

Distance Travelled: Thousands of miles

Places most visited: Probably all around Greece

Sail Number: GR-5001

One of the first sails we accepted. After a lot of head scratching and a few hours worth of research we finally found it. This is a spinnaker from the Andromeda an indestructible Oyster 37. Andromeda was a staple of the yacht racing scene from the 70’s through the 90’s.

Crewed by a rollicking band of music lovers and sailors, every port that she visited during a race would be graced with guitar music till the wee hours. What’s more she was owned by the private sound technician of one of the greatest stars of Greek music, Marinella.