Type of Sail: Finn-Class Olympic Dinghy Mainsail

Years in use: 2015-2019

Material: Carbon-Fibre Plastic mesh

Lived in: Trained heavily in Athens

Distance Travelled: About 50-60 nm

Places most visited: New Zealand and training in Athens

Sail Number: Yiannis sails under GRE-77 (though training sails such as this do not carry national identification numbers)

Designed by North-Sails New Zealand in 2015 exclusively for Yiannis Mitakis this was a development sail that helped pin down the most efficient sail-shape that worked for him. The next batch of race sails based directly on lessons learned from this sail contributed to his qualifying during the Finn Gold Cup (that’s what the Finn class calls their World-Championship) for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. This sail unlocked the keys to Olympic Participation.