Trash and Rust

Type of Sail: Mainsail

Age: Over 15 years old

Material: Polyester sailcloth aka Dacron

Discovered in: Trash at Gouvia Marina

Distance Travelled: Most probably upwards of 18000 nm, or 9 times from Faroe islands to Spitsbergen if anyone, ever, would sail that route so many times

Places most visited: Corfu-Ionian Islands-Patras and Corinthian Gulf (we guess)

Sail Number: N/A

This sail was found in a bin, at marina Gouvia. We haven’t been the best stewards of our planet. We like to try to follow the saying “Good is the enemy of better”. Not our motto but a pretty decent call to arms, still. We believe we can do things better, we also believe in making the best of things and building great products that have a history you can inherit. Sadly this sails’ history is lost to us.