Type of Sail: Genoa #1

Age: 5 years old

Material: Mylar

Lived in: Saronic Gulf

Distance Travelled: N/A

Places most visited: Saronic

Sail Number: GRE 700

This sail raced in the Saronic gulf of Athens between 2012-2016, exclusively, as her owner put it. The Saronic gulf is the middle left part of the Aegean, now mixed with the Corinthian gulf by virtue of the Corinth canal. Sail boats race on these waters from mid-February to the first week of December. A full racing calendar would take you around the gulf and into the Aegean forty five to fifty five times a year.

Lot’s of racing, lot’s of islands and late nights in windy seasides took their toll. One of the not so often mentioned benefits of living in Athens is that you can just pop down to a marina and sail away to beautiful islands whenever you want. With such a choice of islands available no wonder people brave the travails of living here.

Tip: Angistri and Moni, to the south of Aegina are gems.