Modus Vivendi again again

Type of Sail: Asymmetric Spinnaker AP (All Purpose)

Age: Well used for a good 5 years

Material: .75 ounce ripstop Nylon sailcloth

Lived in: Athens, Mounihia harbour a.k.a. Tourkolimano or Mikrolimano

Distance Travelled: Around 2000 nautical miles

Places most visited: The Piraeus, the islands of Hydra, Syros, Kythos, Tzia (Kea), then the rest of the Cycladic islands

Sail Number: GRE-50

This black sail belonged to a proper yacht racing family, the Modus Vivendi sailing team.

Modus Vivendi – latin for way of life – won three World Championships, more than twenty National Championships and dozens of regional races. After a good three decades bouncing and pounding about on small and medium sized racing yachts the family treated themselves to a cruising yacht by purchasing a Poland built yacht called a Hanse.

They named her Modus Vivendi V. She went on to sail for years, either as a mothership, housing the yacht racing team during pit stops on island hopping races, or on well deserved long vacations.

Caring for the future of sailing in Greece the Modus Vivendi owners always took special care to nurture and help bright sailing talent from around the country between the mid nineties and the first decade of the aughts. Several world champions, a good number of old sea-dogs as well as the Rio Olympic Games Bronze Medal winners in the 470 class have trimmed, gybed and packed the sail you now hold.