The whole wardrobe

Type of Sail: Mainsail (two) & cruising Genoa (three)

Age: Used for over 7 years

Material: Polyester sailcloth a.k.a. Dacron

Lived in: Corfu, Marina Gouvia

Distance Travelled: Quite a bit more than 10000 nm, or, a sail from San Francisco to Tokyo and back, and then some

Places most visited: Corfu, the Diapontian islands of Erikousa and Othonoi, the bays around Sivota, Lefkas, Kastos, Meghanisi, Zakynthos and Crete

Sail Number: N/A

For this special project we took the whole wardrobe of a cruising sail located just down the road from our HQ in Marina Gouvia.

A full sail complement from one yacht makes for a collection that has the same feel, that has been almost perfectly uniformly weathered. With well over 10.000 nautical miles sailed this wardrobe has been put to medium to slightly heavy use before being decommissioned. Most of the places visited are boilerplate stunning North Ionian destinations. What stood out was their frequent visits to the Diapontian islands.

These islands form the northeast borders of Greece and are almost unknown, and still, in most places, remain, a pristine view of a Mediterranean before those unsustainable hordes of package deal seekers, overloaded families carrying their rations to establish a daily beachhead on a local spot or mega yacht owners arrived.

We wish you give this sail many more miles before sending it back to us for its next cycle of reuse.