PINCO and green boat

Type of Sail: Genoa

Age: Unknown

Material: Dacron

Lived in: The region of Attica

Distance Travelled: A LONG way by what we could see

Places most visited: The Aegean, and the Argosaronic most probably

Sail Number: N/A

The sailmaker that gave us this sail from his locker couldn’t remember much about this sail. The word written on the sail didn’t help either. It said PINCO in large unfriendly letters. What is unussual, besides the word PINCO, is its green stiching. We are looking for a green boat probably. The one we know was sold long ago and her story brings tears to our eyes. Before the tears though, that boat had cradled a love afair decades in the making and gorgeous to behold. Let’s remember great love afairs.