Breaking the boat to breaking the record
Meliti II

Type of Sail: Spinnaker

Age: 14 years old

Material: Spinnaker Nylon

Lived in: The Piraeus, Tourkolimano harbour

Distance Travelled: Around 1500 n.m

Places most visited: The Piraeus, Psara, Astypalaia, Octapodhia, Milos, Cape Sounio

Sail Number: GRE 50 (we think)

Meliti II was the second cruiser/racer of the Atalanti sailing team. Atalanti sailing was one of the two dominant sailing teams in the golden age of offshore sailing, from the mid eighties to the aughts.

This spinnaker on Meliti II: ran aground, almost effected a helicopter SAR operation of the Hellenic Coast Guard after its EPIRB emergency beacon accidentally jettisoned, broke the boat, broke the race record, and won the Round the Aegean race. Meliti is now decommissioned waiting for new adventures. Till then this spinnaker was retired so snippets of the mayhem it was involved in can be shared. Enjoy the sea.