Rush sailed in
Atalanti VI


Type of Sail: Spinnaker

Age: 18 years old

Material: Spinnaker Nylon

Lived in: Athens

Distance Travelled: About 3500 nm

Places most visited: The Piraeus, the Cyclades multiple times, and Hydra

Sail Number: GRE 46

Starting in the mid-nineties the US sailing team “Rush” dominated offshore sailing in the US, in Florida and the Keys in Winter and on both coasts in the summer. When their Bruce Farr designed 39ft bullet got old they sold it to Greece. She was the first monohull to grace Greek waters that could go faster than the wind and blew out all her competition. This led to a decade long arms-race that saw tens of high-performance sailboats ripping along the Aegean.

Reminds us of: How “Smells like teen spirit” blew away anything you had heard before. How Rock reshapes itself every few years.