The Aegean is the back of his hand
De Malo I


Type of Sail: Mainsail

Age: 23 years old

Material: Kevlar

Lived in: The Piraeus, harbor of Mounihia

Distance Travelled: Over 4.000 miles – or a sail across the Atlantic and a sojourn along the eastern seaboard.

Places most visited: Pick an island, pick a bay, its probably been there.

Sail Number: GR 00

One of the magical things about offshore sailing is crossing the finishing line at night. At this end of the world racing starts either at 1000 or 1600 hours, meaning you’ve spent at least 6-12 hours on the water. Then, salt-faced, aching, tired and with a good slap of sunstroke you come upon an island all lit up.

Hundreds and hundreds of lights greet you and the promise of a night to remember is kept alive by the ever growing booming of seaside clubs. The only thing left to do is to finish. This involves finding a single, miniscule, light atop a buoy amid the haphazard display of, human habitation, cars, bikes, boats, bicycles and houses. Every light is an opportunity but only one, little blinking light among the black is the right one. This sail, this owner has never lost his light, his calling, his way home.

Our friend, our teacher Yannis, has been racing in the Aegean for over 60 years. At every major regatta in Greece he has been the best source of information on how to sail fast and win, racing through the archipelago. We are proud to give these sails a new life as Salty Bags.