Cyclades 50
Various (Generously donated to us by Dream Yachts Charter)


Type of Yacht: Beneteau Cyclades 50.3

Type of Sail: Mainsail

Age: 5 years old

Material: Dacron

Lived in: Marina Alimos, Attica.

Distance Travelled: More than 4000 nm (or a sail from Piraeus to Tromso, Norway via the Gibraltar straits)

Places most visited: Milos, Santorini, Leros, Rhodes, Koufonisia, Hydra, Spetses

The Hellenic Offshore Racing Club has been running the Aegean Rally for just over half a century. A good friend of ours (who we always call when becalmed in the middle of a leg) has raced in over 40 of them. It’s one of the worlds great regattas mixing hard racing and hard partying.

When becalmed in the middle of the Aegean the second or third thing (we aren’t aloud to say what the first is) you do is look for boats sailing in the distance to check make out how they are sailing. It gives you a heads up on the coming weather.This sail comes from a creature often beheld in the Aegean and inspired by a grand race week-long race . The mainsail of a portly and well-stocked Beneteau Cyclades 50.3. Spotting one of these creatures can be the difference winning and losing a race. We hope you enjoy a good sail as much as we do.