Type of Sail: 


Years in use: 

Around 6 years


Polyester sailcloth aka Dacron


Alimos Marina

Distance Travelled: 

A few thousand miles  

Places most visited: 

The Aegean Sea, the entrance to the Cyclades 

Sail Number:     

We have been working with Quantum Sail Greece since we founded Salty Bag back in 2013. John & Patroklos the father and son team that makes this family business have been huge supporters and consultants.

This sail is from one of their hundreds of clients. A strong cruising Genoa that meandered and beat its way around the Aegean for thousands of miles and hundreds of hours. We heard that it spent most of its life between Kea and Kythnos the doorways to the Cyclades.

If you have the chance visit the warm springs by the port of Kythnos in winter. It will warm your heart to enjoy the springs as winter storms pass overhead.