Echion Sails on or remembering that Blue Pink and White downwind sail

Type of Sail: Spinnaker

Years in use: 90’s to early aughts

Material: Ripstop nylon sailcloth

Port: Nautical Club of Palaio Faliro (N.O.P.F)

Distance Travelled: Quite a few hundred miles have been put into this sail

Places most visited: Aegean

Sail Number: N/A

This was a downwind sail from Echion

Echion was an IMX-38.

IMX-38’s are a 38 ft cruiser-racer designed by X-yachts of Denmark that took the Hellenic Yacht Racing scene by storm during the late nineties.

They may look like buckets with a mast today but back then they were as cool as Kurt Kobain’s style was.

This sail raced and won tens of regattas of a decade and a half. The boat was named Echion after an old tradition in Greece that holds that you name racing yachts after characters of Greek mythology.

So it was with Echion.

Once more into the wine-dark sea…