Keeping your head down off the Patras Gulf

Type of Sail: Genoa

Age: 8 years old

Material: Polyester sailcloth aka Dacron

Discovered in: Corfu

Distance Travelled: 12.000 nm

Places most visited: Patras Gulf, Ionian Islands

Sail Number: Bav 38

The Gulf of Patras can prove a hellish sail, that’s where this sail was finally retired. When northwesterly winds billow in look for cover. If find yourself in the midst of such a wind and you have time and you want a city over your head, bear away to Patras. If you can take the beat try your luck getting to Ithaca or Cephalonia.

If not, those who know, usually local fishermen will stay the night under the delta of Achelous. The big dipper on a moonless night there is spectacular.