Type of Sail: Jib

Age: 20 years old

Material: Dacron

Lived in: Phaleron Bay, Italy, UK

Distance Travelled: A few thousand miles

Places most visited: Phaleron bay, Koufonisia, Spetses

Sail Number: K8

Salty Bags designed for the Corfu Challenge 2017 skippers are made of a piece of yacht racing history.

This sailcloth was once the jib of Candida.

Designed by Charles Nicholson 1929 as a 23mr rule yacht, Candida was converted to a J-class in 1931, before unsuccessfully trying to win the challenger trials.

She was fully restored in 1995. She still sails, occasionally races, in the eastern Mediterranean nowadays, reminding her owners of the majesty of sailingl, to race, to enjoy the sea as humans have always done.